Sunday, April 4, 2010

Internal and external

When a woman has intercourse they allow a never to infiltrate them. A man goes into something when he has sex. Female genetariy is an internal thing. Male genitary is external. To me when a woman is premiscious it is attractive, except if it were my love, then I would find it to be disguisting. Why is it that I have this mindset? In popular culture it is of some social value for men to sleep around, words like "player", "pimp"," ladies man", and many other praises are giving to promiscuous men. On the other hand words like "ho", "whore", "hoodrat",and "slut" all cast a negative depiction and association of promiscuous women. Woody Allen makes jokes of these situation. The severity of an internal/external sexual construction hold capture the thought of promiscuity among sexes.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry I'm late

Sorry I'm late, just reieved the message from my brain. Camillian change, Ryan change,my feelings do change like emeray, mean emerey even wooody woulD agree Vaneza vee just to good for me. Been in her like been in heaven, inside her I'm home she love me more than that white girl loved O, or mor dan Juliet did Romeo. She let me do whatever I make shure I pleasure her first, give her tounge work, give her dick work, I probably need a hard hat, but I don't use that, she probably need an ice pack, but she learned how to take that. she scream then squirt, then squirt then say daddy dam u make me feel good. knees ta jesus, lord forgive us, most importantly me egotist, raskolnicov don't know what murder be, pink pussy get beat till she can't take it for a weak. It's my joy I can't even speak after that pussy hit my mouth and them lips cream, I get deeper than deep in her stomach I bee pouncing like a lion about to attack a gazee mean gazelle, I do ass ta mouth, I do kiss her feat Vaneza vee the mutha fucking queen.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


It is amazing how very special woman are. In F.Scott FItzgeralds novel "This side of paradise" he has interaction with a few female characters who he treats less then superior. It could be to compensate for his own insecurities. Relating to myself the empty feeling of not having a woman in my life compared to the agony woman can cause. In most Allen movies thier usually exist a female intrest or a prolonged exhaustian of sexual inuendo. F. Scott desired a woman who did not feel the same, until she read his book. Woman are selfish creatures who act on thier emotions. Not to say men are not the same. Sometimes there can be a great relationship between a man and a woman but then it turns to shit for a variety of reasons (Annie Hall). Evidentley woman and men must interact, physical and verbally. It is embeded in the human gene code fore men and woman to desire each other. Woman are special, consider this fact: woman must allow a man to be inside of them for sexual activity, where as men expell a member for sexual activity.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And the winner is....

This is a literature class right? In fact the contents and purpose of this very blog dedicated to literature and film, depicting human stories, fantasies, hidden desires, and issues. Most importantly it is dedicated to art of media, literature, and film correlation of all the above (with emphasis in the works of the great Woody Allen). Well what would woody say to me if I asked him “who should the best picture winner at the 2010 academy awards should be”? The film “The Hurt Locker” WON THE AWARD! The film based on a group of bomb disarming American militants in Iraq. How is this film synonymous with the requirements pertaining to great art works? In Woody’s personal film on such issues as American intervention in war and foreign country politics, and media representation (Bananas) The tradgie-comedy device is used. The notion of commentary on the “human condition” has been the basis for Art. To the point of this rant (reason for blog): “District 9 “should have won the Oscar for best film, or even “Avatar”. Both based on Alien-human relations which were monotones for apartheid in South Africa, and the war for oil. Also some distinctions of the Mexican/American immigration situation can be concluded from the design of both films. Both films convey progression of race, class, and economical evolution. Not only did both films deliver on the stated above but “District 9” in particular was humorous. Both the winning films I hoped for had love stories. I will not dive further into this. The people will reach their conclusion. So what would Allen say? What do you say? I say “Fucking Academy of Motion picture Arts What the Fuck is wrong with yall, why did you choose The Hurt Locker”?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

presentation on roth's portnoys complainy

My role in the group presentation was to summarize the key elements that related the studying of Freudian like behavior, raw sexuality, using Woody Allen's comedies as a cataylist. my goal was to simple play my role. I concluded everyones speech by tying any loose ands as well as making sure the audience has a sense of understanding of the connection we attempted.